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DJ Milhouse

DJ Milhouse is an international DJ, producer and director based in the city of Atlanta. At just 30 years of age, she is one to keep your eye on. Her energetic and entracing style creates a euphoric atmosphere with each beat she spins. From DJing to reality TV shows to creating early education opportunities for aspiring DJs around the nation, DJ Milhouse it a pure renaissance woman. Here is her story.


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Audios has been a game-changer for me and for my business. There is no limit to where and how we can set up. Without cables, anything is possible!

DJ El Cumacho
South Florida

I am so proud to be the first presenter of Audios in Israel. The set up is incredibly fast. I literally touch a button and start streaming. Incredible.

DJ Vhaera

It is the best thing to happen to DJs brothers. Its all wireless. The sound quality is amazing. You feel the base. You feel the highs. It’s the wave of the future. No plugs! It’s easy! 

DJ D Sharp
Oakland, CA

Whenever we do outdoor events, I need something that is durable, that’s easy to use, quick to set up, and Audios loudspeakers do that for me. 

San Francisco, CA

The fact that you don't have to run long wires and don’t need a power source is amazing. Set up is so easy and I can set up anywhere. I have total freedom, no restrictions.

Author's name
Los Angeles, CA