DJ Milhouse

DJ Milhouse is an international DJ, producer and director based in the city of Atlanta. At just 30 years of age, she is one to keep your eye on. Her energetic and entracing style creates a euphoric atmosphere with each beat she spins. From DJing to reality TV shows to creating early education opportunities for aspiring DJs around the nation, DJ Milhouse it a pure renaissance woman. Here is her story.

Tell us a bit about yourself.  

DJ Milhouse: I was born in LA, but raised in Decatur GA with my mom and sister. From an early age, I’ve always loved music but I didn’t know how I fit into music yet or what role it would play in my life. I loved the band, but didn’t play an instrument. So I joined a dance group that worked with the band. I was really into how the band and the dance group had to blend together.

How did you get into music? What were your early influences?

DJ Milhouse: Music was always part of my life growing up. My family would have gatherings all the time and music was the constant ingredient that was always in the mix. It brought people together and it kept them together. I went to college for communications and after I graduated, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do, so while I figured it out, I started bartending. It was there that I was introduced to the club scene and had an opportunity to DJ and start to build my network.

Who are your top 3 favorite artists/bands?

DJ Milhouse: Prince is number 1. Most fav artist ever. He had so much soul and everything he represents. Beyonce, the queen of everything. Jay-Z. Michael Jackson. Isley Brothers for some old school sound. Madonna, I love her and she’s still doing her thing. 

How old were you when you first started DJing? Was there an AHA moment for you?

DJ Milhouse: I really got started after I graduated and became a bartender, so I was about 23. I’m 30 now. This was the moment of how my love of music revealed itself into how this could be turned into a career.  I loved how music made me feel and how it makes others feel. It moves people in different ways.

Why do you love DJing / What do you love about DJing?

DJ Milhouse: Bringing people together and having people smile and dance and creating the vibe for everyone. Controlling the room and the entire energy of the room. Love giving people happiness.

How would you describe your DJing style?

DJ Milhouse: Open format. Music that gets people up and dancing. All up beats. 70s rock to today's hip hop. Play a bit of everything. People don’t always know what they want to hear and I create that mood and rekindle that memory for them. 

How has your style changed over the years?

DJ Milhouse: My vision from the beginning was to be open format, but early on I was put into a box and expected to play what the club wanted to portray. But my open format vision was always there. Now I am in control. 

Are you into vinyl or digital? What gear do you use?

DJ Milhouse: Mostly digital. It is easier to move around. But I love vinyl. I currently use a Pioneer SX3 Digital Board. 

What else do you do? Produce, etc?

DJ Milhouse: I’m a big creator of opportunities and self wealth.

What’s next for DJ Milhouse?

DJ Milhouse: I have quite a bit going on right now and in the pipeline. What’s occupying a lot of my time right now is our pilot reality show called “Scratch” where 10 female DJs from the US are competing to be the best DJ in that  nation. The shooting took place in Atlanta with DJs from the area, but also from LA, Chicago, Houston and Miami. We’ve finished shooting the pilot and we are set to launch in 2023. I am producing and directing, so it is a very creative and fulfilling experience for me. 

Where do you DJ currently? Where can people find you?

DJ Milhouse: You can find all of my work on my website iamdjmilhouse.comI am also wrapping up my Mexico tour. I’ve been in Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Cancun. I do a lot of private events, corporate events, tons of liquor events for brands like Grey Goose. I wanted to get away from residency in the clubs for a while to really explore and express my open format style. 

One last question. What excites you most about Audios?

DJ Milhouse: The cable-less idea is everything. The fact that you don't have to run long wires and don’t need a power source is amazing. Set up will be so much easier and I can set up anywhere. This really is exciting creatively as well as operationally. I’ll have total freedom, no restrictions. I cannot wait. 

Note: DJ Milhouse will be part of the Audios launch team in Atlanta. 

Top Influences: Prince, The Isley Brothers, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Michael Jackson and Madonna. 
Gear: Pioneer SX3
Vinyl or Digital: Digital
DJ Name Origin: Milhouse is her favorite Simpsons character. 

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